Summer in Spokane

Old Main on a glorious spring morning (04/27/2018)

Hello World!

A program to display the message “Hello, World!” is the traditional first program written by people learning to code. It felt like an appropriate first thing to say.

I started this blog to help me get used to the idea of moving to Spokane. It has since morphed into whatever it is now. If you find any of this interesting enough to read, you are completely welcome here.

The building pictured above is not in Spokane. It’s Old Main, on the campus of Wayne State University in Detroit, where I taught for 22 years.

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4 thoughts on “Summer in Spokane

  1. On my calendar, it is actually Day 1 for you and your 2 co-residents, together now, in Spokane – with a 3 person hole now officially left here in Metro Detroit. This makes me sad for Detroit, but happy that you three are in such a beautiful place. Totally off topic this day, a comment I meant to make earlier: I observed that Offshoot Detroit is a really good looking child, who bears both you and Mrs. D’s facial imprint. (OD doesn’t really deserve that O) I suppose all of you will be turning your last name/initial to S, now.

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    1. It is indeed Day 1. Mrs. D drove off to work this morning, and the lad and I have to try hard to stay out of trouble now that we are unsupervised. A very strange time, for sure!


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